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Real estate concierge is an exceptional service that sellers can add so we can connect our client with professionals in our network to stage the property for open house, repair or update the existing home so the seller could receive more money for their property. We only work with professionals that focus on their clients not profits. Allow us the opportunity to assist you in selling you real estate property at a higher value. We create value where many are still exploring way to create it. We are on top of the industry when it comes to real estate concierge it’s not just about connecting our clients with our network it’s about knowing what professional will assist the client the most. 

What Kind of Services Are Included in Real Estate Concierge?

Our real estate concierge services include more than what any real estate company can offer. This includes:

  • Licensed Contractors
  • Specialized Painting contractors
  • Cleaning Services
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Staging Professionals
  • Appraisers
  • Movers

You have the option of directly communicating with our network or you can relax and watch us can handle this as part of our listing agreement. No matter what you choice we are here to help you.

$0 Up Front Cost

Real estate concierge services can increase the value of a seller’s home. In addition to adding value to a home this type of service can make the seller’s life easier by having movers and professional stagers being part of the real estate process can make your home look spacious and cleaner without much effort. 

Does Real Estate Concierge Really Increase Value?

When you update, repair or improve your home you are increasing the value of your home. Many real estate individuals say other wise. That is why I used the word individuals not professionals. Some identical homes have a lower value because they have deferral maintenance. Deferral maintenance often leads to internal and structural damages to real estate properties. 


A Brand New Home in 2023 With No Faulty Roof Cost:   $1,000,000

A Brand New Home in 2023 With A Faulty Roof Cost:      $1,000,000

Which one is worth more?
The answer is the home with no faulty roof. They both cost the same amount to be built but the market value of the faulty home is lower because no one wants to live in a home where the roof leaks or can collapse any minute. This logic can be applied to anything related to updates or upgrades depending on the experience of the real estate brokers or agents. Most regular real estate individuals do not know about depreciation or they simply neglect the idea of it because that means a longer time for them to receive their commission. We want what is best for our clients. That is why having real estate concierge services is a good option. 


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