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We are seller’s agent also know as real estate agents for sellers.
We represent sellers that want to sell their real estate property in california.

What We Offer

Home Valuation
We analysis the price that you should sell your home and provide you with different options so you can pick the best price to sell. We only recommend what we think but the decision is completely yours.

We have Strategies To Increase The Value of Your Home
Increasing the listing price is important so you can get more money for your home. We provide construction experience and real estate expertise to get you the best results. No other real estate broker can provide you with this.
Negotiate is why most deals in residential real estate transaction fall apart. Many of the real estate professionals don’t know the proper tactics or techniques to getting results for their clients. We don’t claim to be experts in negotiations but we do know how to use different approaches to getting results for our clients.

Real Estate Concierge

We offer real estate concierge services so you can eliminate any offers with conditions to fix before closing. This results in saving time and for sellers to sell their home faster. Our real estate concierge services are unmatched because we have a huge network of vendors and contractors to prepare your home for staging, painting and other services that will increase the listing price of your home. 

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